Friday, October 16, 2009

The Attraction to Atheists

I noticed that just about every Christian site that remotely speaks against evolution, attracts atheists and evolutionists by the droves. It is not that hard to see why this occurs. A person will not fight against something that they believe doesn't exist, including so-called atheists & evolutonists. In fact sometimes I believe that they believe in God more than a lot of people who claim to be Christian. If you were to ask an atheist or an evolutionist if they fight against superman or spiderman, they will answer something to the order of, "No! They don't exist!" And you never see or hear them spending so much time, whether in conferrences or on Superman or Spiderman blog sites or in the chat rooms, trying to convince others that Superman or Spiderman does not exist, like you see them on Christian sites trying to convince people that God don't exist. But the fact of the matter is, you will see them by the droves, trying to convince people that God does not exist. They spend a lot of time and effort trying to do so. This is because everything around them screams, "GOD EXISTS!", and so their minds and consciences are fighting to get out past the crap that they have been taught in schools that really makes no sense to them because of the lack of simply all-important evidence to support the 'theory' that they have been taught is the 'truth'. They always get stuck on the importance of fossils, etc. in which they know their is no real evidence of any 'missing links' to support their inadequate theory. This so-called 'theory' changes from day to day, in fact, they just came out with a journal article that stated that they have been on the wrong trail all this time, because they found a skeleton that 'proved' that man didn't come from monkey at all, but that they both came from one central being along seperate lines. If you wait just a few more days, you will hear something similar, as I have heard time and time again in my 30+ yrs. of double majors in college. Now a lot of my education has been in the medical field, which has proven to me, way beyond a shadow of a doubt, from the time of about 4 yrs into my first round of medical majors, that there is no way that there is not a 'creator', which is what 'God' means technically. The fact is, they would never fight against something so heavily that they believed didn't exist, or they would spend just as much time trying to convince everyone that Superman or Spiderman didn't exist either... but they don't. This leaves only one conclusion, they either believe that God exists or they are completely off their rockers. I prefer to believe the best of people around me, so I choose the first... that they believe that God exists and probably just want to be sure. But the only way to be sure is to read/hear the Word for themselves without trying to make it fit them in the most comfortable way, and quit depending on someone else to tell them 'what it means', as God has sufficiently taken care of that already. There are a lot of people out there that will misguide you, whether by attempt to mislead you or whether by just not understanding it themselves, it doesn't matter, but it will not lead you to the Truth that God has in store for everyone of us who are willing to listen to Him. If anyone will put their pride to the side long enough to truly recieve God's truth, then they will see very soon that God will not let them down. It is up to each individual to listen with open ears/hearts/minds or not.


  1. I've just read one of your comments over at Atheist Central where you seem to think that the Theory of Evolution states that humans are decended from chimps. This is wrong. It states that humans and chimps had a common ancestor.

  2. Paragraphs mate, paragraphs!

    Hi, I'm Matt.

    Well, you attracted one atheist; so let's see what we've got here...

    1. The reason atheists take an interest in Christian sites and not Superman sites is that no Superman-believers are trying to have the education system changed to fit their belief in Superman.

    Christians are doing this [foisting their beliefs into the school system] and that is a good enough reason for any non-believer to get involved in the discussion.

    The reason that evolution is discussed so much is because of the lies and misinformation that some Christians spread about it - do you think it's wrong for people with knowledge of a subject to want to correct lies and disinformation about said subject? If so, why?

    2. You say there's no real evidence of 'missing links'. Could you give a definition of what you mean by 'missing link' please? Thank you.

    3a. It wasn't a skeleton that was found, it was a fossil.

    3b. Could you provide what you think is a definition of a scientific theory? Thanks.

    3c. Here you're saying that the former theory stated that man came from a monkey before this discovery and yet at Atheist Central you said the former theory stated that man came from chimps. Which do you think it is, or do you think monkeys and chimps are the same thing?

    3d. The theory NEVER suggested that we came from chimps and always described us sharing a common ancestor with chimps. Could you provide evidence that evolutionists previously thought that man evolved from chimps? Thank you.

    The rest of your post simply repeats your earlier assertion that atheists spend time on Christian blogs because they actually believe in God. As an atheist I can tell you that that is simply not true and I'll be quite happy to discuss it further if you are.